From March 2019 with 234 million active users, it’s the No. 6 most-visited site within the US and No. 21 within the world, consistent with Wikipedia. What is Reddit and why is it so popular? If you’re unacquainted with Reddit’s universe, you’re missing out on some severe internet pleasure.

Founded in 2005 by a few scholars with a while on their hands, this bulletin board is home to at least one of the foremost vibrant, smart, nutty, and hilarious online communities, numbering many more visitors monthly.

Reddit is split into thematic sections called SUBREDDITS In each section, members post forum-like threads of content. It might be a link, a story, a photo, a survey, etc. Accumulating replies also as UP or DOWN votes to rate the standard of the post. The top result’s a mess of original and fun content that will take up hours of your day if you don’t practice self-control.

What should I consider in Reddit?

There are four necessary Reddit submissions: link, image, text, and video. All of the submissions need a title, which Reddit encourages to be interesting but barren of hyperbole and self-promotion.

Are there any rules in Reddit?

As a general rule, etiquette dictates that you should be a well mannered and civilized person and remember that there is always a person on the opposite side of the screen. Of course, no self-promotion or spamming links are allowed. Just be mindful of what you are trying to do, attempt to be respectful of others, and you’ll be fine.

Can I get banned from a subreddit?


Yes, moderators can ban you any time for not following the principles. There are different sorts of moderators. Some are more strict in terms than others, but any moderator will quickly ban you if you do not follow the principles daily.

To explain it more clearly what makes Reddit so awesome and addictive and why is it so popular, we compiled an inventory of our favorite Reddit qualities. If you’re a fanatical Redditor, be happy to share yours within the comments:

Reddit is not about Showing Off

Reddit isn’t a social network that encourages (or imposes) the sort of non-stop exhibitionism that you find on numerous other social platforms. Furthermore, a Redditors profile only shows you their previous threads and their ranking and no relationship status, business CV, or anything like that.

AMA (AskMeAnything) Subreddit

AskMeAnything is one of the first popular and intriguing sections of the location. Anyone can continue it, present a particular aspect of their life, and ask the audience questions.

Source of learning

There’s a reason why Reddit is so popular among a large number of world’s population. It’s a fantastic source of data on just about every field of human knowledge. You’ll flick through the various subreddits in philosophy, languages, coding, molecular gastronomy, or whatever makes your mind hungry.

A big community

Reddit features a bad reputation for being crammed with trolls and anonymous weirdos. While these users are around, they’re not representative of the bulk of Redditors in the least. you’ll find people giving free legal advice, comforting others in pain, help members to arrange surprises for loved ones, and lots of other kind acts.

Source of craziest humor

Altogether a group of individuals gets together to count up to 1,001,805. This is often not a social experiment; it’s a Reddit pastime. The counting games are only one example of the whacky and hilarious fun that Reddit brings out of individuals.

Are there any mobile apps for Reddit?

Yes. The experience is far better when using the apps on both smartphones and modern tablets. There are official apps designed for Android or iOS platforms. If you would like a special experience, you’ll try any of the third-party apps for iOS and Android.

This is all you would like in short. Just jump in, start exploring, and obtainable to spend hours taking place the Reddit rabbit burrow. It is the best and most exciting fun you’ll wear on the web today.